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Interior Finishes


Drywall is the current standard for interior walls from homes to office buildings.  Drywall offers affordability mixed with ease of use and fast results. We carry everything you need from start to finish to create the perfect space. 


You may finish your room to perfection, but don' forget to insulate properly.  We carry pink insulation to help your interiors maintain a comfortable temperature all year long.  Proper insulation will also reduce your heating cost.  

Another great way to reduce your heating costs is to make sure your Attic is properly insulated.  Call to today for a quote on "blow-in" insulation.  


Moulding is a fairly simple aesthetic element but its value is often under estimated. We carry a variety of wall moulding options to add depth to any room or to make a smooth transition from the wall to your floors. We also sell crown moulding and casings for your doors and windows.  You will always find just the right pieces so your project is completed with perfection!


GoodfellowWe carry German-made Dream floor laminate flooring that comes with a 35 year warranty!  Choose from six in-stock colour or we can order a colour for you.  We also carry 100% waterproof flooring.  Talk to one of our experts for more details. 

We also carry an assortment of floor tile.  Take a sample or a few home to help make your decision easier.  

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